Napa Soda Springs

The Magnificent Mountain Resort

The pictures you see above offer a tantalizing glimpse of one of the most pleasant places ever to exist. With the aid of the hand-tinted postcard and that dingy artist's rendering for an old advertisement, you can begin to grasp the splendor that once floated above the Napa Valley.

The postcard shows the Rotunda, visible also on the right side of the illustration; you can dimly make out the rectangular forms of the other buildings. In the 1880s and '90s, the wealthy and powerful of San Francisco and Northern California regularly made pilgrimages to this commanding property seven miles northeast of Napa. While there, they indulged in picnics, swims, horseback rides, sumptuous food, grand balls and moonlight trysts.

Welcome to a charming past we'll never know again.

Soda Springs Scrapbook
John Jackson, Founder
Early Ad for Napa Water
A Chronology of the Springs
Guests at the Springs

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